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Video Marketing Tips: Ten Ideas to Spark Your Video Creativity

Video marketing is increasing in both popularity and effectiveness. In fact, according to statistics uncovered by Forrester Research, videos are 50 times more likely to receive organic first page ranking in Google compared with plain text documents.

Since video marketing is effective, it’s important to incorporate it into your overall content strategy mix, but it may not always be easy to come up with creative ways to use videos.

Here are 10 tips to spark your video creativity.

Video Marketing Tip #1: Educate

Use videos to educate people about your services and products. Provide details regarding the benefits and features you offer. Be sure to let them know all they will receive once they purchase the product or service.

Video Marketing Tip #2: Answer questions

Most business owners can quickly name 5 or 10 top questions they are asked frequently. Make short videos, stating the question and then answer it in the video. An ideal length for these videos is 2 – 3 minutes.

Video Marketing Tip#3: Do a product review

Are you aware of products or services that would be of interest to and benefit those in your niche? Provide honest reviews of those products and services, with a focus on their features and benefits.

Video Marketing Tip#4: Grow your list

List building is an important aspect of building your business. Use videos that encourage potential clients to provide their name and email address in exchange for a free offer such as an eBook, free consultation or assessment, a tutorial video, etc. Determine what your potential clients would find most valuable, and create your giveaway around that need.

Hint: be sure to provide top-quality content in your giveaway. It should be an example of your best work.

Video Marketing Tip #5: Talk about your case studies and results

Create videos with case studies with results of what happened when people did or did not follow your guidance. You can also use video to present testimonials from your satisfied customers.

Video Marketing Tip #6: Tell a story

People love stories! Use the power of stories to provide a practical understanding of the lessons you teach. You can also tell your own personal story in videos that let people in on what has shaped you in the past and brought you to where you are today.

Video Marketing Tip #7: Debunk myths

Every industry has myths. What are the myths in your industry? Include real examples in your videos to debunk those myths.

Video Marketing tip #8: Take your viewers behind the scenes

People love doing business with real people. Video is a great way to give people a peek into your real world. When appropriate, give people a glimpse into your personal or family life, and look for ways to use videos to let people in on some of the secrets of your business, such as how you organize your work flow.

Video Marketing Tip #9: Ask questions and answer them

Videos are a great place to answer questions for your viewers. Don’t just answer the questions for your readers; also ask your readers to provide their own answers to the same questions in the comments section. That can lead to an interactive discussion of your topic.

Video Marketing Tip #10: Additional video opportunities

While videoing yourself is a natural way to use video, there are a lot of other great things you can do such as screen captures (using Screenflow for Macs or Camtasia if you have a PC). You can also use slide shows created in PowerPoint or Keynote.

Video marketing may be a bit intimidating at first. Keep in mind that it isn’t necessary to be perfect. Although you may want to redo your video a few times, don’t allow perfectionism to slow you down.

Here’s my personal challenge to you: If you’re new to video, and a bit intimidated by it, make a commitment to record your first video within the next 24 hours. Just do it! The longer you procrastinate on this, the further behind your competition you will be.