10 Ways to Prevent Accidents at Work

1. Ensure you have had a good nights sleep and are awake and alert at all times. Lack of concentration can easily cause you to have an accident whilst at work.2. Wear the required uniform and protective wear. If you have not been given the correct uniform or protective wear to carry out your job, speak to your employer. It is their duty to make sure you are working within a safe environment.3. Participate in any emergency drills that take place and be aware of how and why they are being carried out. Emergency drills are also enforced to prevent accidents occurring.4. If you cause or spot any spillages or obstructions on the floor, clean them up straight away to prevent any slip, trip or fall accidents.5. If you have not received the relevant training if necessary, speak to your employers or supervisor. Do not use any form equipment that you do not know how to use.6. Be aware of the safety program within your workplace and ensure that you adhere to it.7. If you see any electrical appliances that might look faulty, make sure you inform your employer.8. Safety signs & posters should be highly visible within the workplace, be aware of these in order to avoid a personal injury from occurring.9. A first aider is also responsible for monitoring possible hazards at work. If you have had a work accident, make sure it is recorded in the accident book. This for your own safety and to prevent others from having an accident at work similar to yours.10. It’s your employers duty to ensure the health and safety of their employees to prevent accidents occurring and potentially making an accident at work compensation claim with a personal injury solicitor.

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