Top 5 Travel Tips – How to Organize Your Documents

Almost all travelers enjoy learning about their destinations and reading about local art and cuisine – very few enjoy preparing their travel documents and information for travel. It can seem like an overwhelming task, but these five travel tips and an electronic travel wallet will help you get ready with very little stress.
Know What You Need- Most international travel requires the same standard list of documents and information. This list includes a valid passport, a driver’s license, credit or debit cards, and immunization and vaccination records. Usually, with these documents and information you will be well prepared. To find out if the country you are traveling to requires extra documents, check with their embassy.

Go Beyond Basic Documents- Of course you want to be optimally prepared for travel, and this involves gathering more than the basic documents. You will be ready for everything if you also have access to health information like doctor contacts, allergies, a birth certificate and insurance papers. Clearly, it would be tough to carry all that around with you in another country; in the next step we offer an easy solution for having access to all necessary documents.

Make Information Permanently Available- Online travel wallets, are a perfect way to have convenient access to your documents from anywhere. These are organized and secure websites where you can scan or upload information and important documents to access from any computer with an Internet connection. You can store all those extra documents and access them if you need to. This travel wallet makes it so the next time you travel you will already have all your information prepared in a safe location. Ask where the nearest Internet cafe is, or use your iPhone to access documents when you need them.

Leave Itinerary with Family- Most travel experts recommend preparing an itinerary in advance and leaving it with your family or a friend at home. This will allow them to contact you in case of emergency, and will help you have more stress free travel.

Know Who to Contact- Know the phone number of the American embassy in the country you are staying in. If your passport or other traveling documents are lost or stolen, contact the embassy and they will help you take further steps. In some cases they may instruct you to call local police to report your items stolen.

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